Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Long-time Blog Reader, First-time Blog Poster

I have been reading blogs for quite a long time. Well "long time" relative to the web world. I believe I found my first blogs back in the summer of 2002 just after starting my web design job. Soon I was immersing myself in daily RSS feeds from various design blogs trying to learn as much as possible for my new "profession". After going part-time due to having some kids I sorta stopped reading blogs until recently when I've found a couple jems created by other moms like me.

So I thought, why not have a place of my own to periodically share something of interest, keep family updated, and so on. I do host a neglected website already, but found it difficult to keep updated on my own. Blogger is a bit easier in that area, so maybe Mom Joy won't be as neglected.

When I have some time, I think I might try to design my own template for this site. Right now it's a lovely shade of pink. Pink isn't really me, but it did say "mom" to me so I used it.

So without further ado, Welcome to Mom Joy.
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