Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Day of Firsts

December 1st, 2007 was a day of firsts. It was the first real day of snow this winter. Isaac was too little last year to play in the snow, so it was his first time playing in the white stuff. He loved it! The boys built a snowman with their daddy. Not only was it the first snowman of the season it was the first either of them had ever built.

Daddy bought a snowmobile this year. Although there was only a couple inches of snow on the ground Andrew convinced daddy to get it out and ride it around the yard. So Andrew had his first ride on a snowmobile. Daddy hopes that Andrew will grow up to be a snowmobile man like himself.

We are hopeful that this day of firsts will not be our last this winter. Daddy is planning on many fun days of snowmobiling and sledding. So lets all pray for snow!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zoo Fun

We went to visit KC's brother in Phoenix this Thanksgiving holiday. It was great to be able to leave the cold and go down to the nice mild almost warm weather in Arizona. For a family activity the day after Thanksgiving we went to a local zoo, the Wildlife World Zoo.

At this zoo they haveplaces where you feed the animals. The first feeding place was the Lory Parrot feeding area. You hold an apple out in your hand, hopefully you soon have a new Parrot friend. They only let you feed them for 15 minutes at a time because they have fast digestive systems (watch out!). We all got to have at least one parrot eat from our hands, all except Isaac who fell asleep in his stroller right before we went in. KC had a Snow White experience when he twice had more than one parrot on his arms. Two even landed on him where there wasn't an apple in sight.

The second feeding place was a petting zoo for the kids. Baby goats, llamas, and deer were all available for petting. Isaac didn't want to leave. He loved all the Isaac sized animals that he could touch.

The last feeding place was the Giraffe Tower. We climbed up to be level with the Giraffe's, paid a quarter for some food and got to drop it on the Giraffe's lengthy tongue. Sometimes the tongue touched your hand, ewww slimy.

It has been so fun lately to do activities like this with the boys. They are getting to a really fun age where we can interact with them and they like to play with each other. The 10 hour drive to and from Phoenix wasn't even that bad. They are such good travelers. I guess the portable DVD player and stash of Disney movies helped too.
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