Monday, April 27, 2009

You've Had A Birthday Shout Hooray!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Issac. His birthday was last Thursday. The Tuesday before that we had an impromptu family reunion in Fillmore with my family and we had a small birthday segment for him. He got a got imaginext dragon that walks. He loves it. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! He also got some fun little toy trucks from Great Grandma, THANKS!

Then last Saturday we had some of his neighbor friends over for a play date party. The kids played and made a thorough mess in the play room upstairs. I then fed them some lunch before letting them gorge on cake and ice cream. KC and I got him a Radio Flyer scooter and helmet and his friends gave him a cool batman toy. They would have played outside a bit afterwards but the weather turned almost winter like with the cold and rain.

Isaac is a fun and sensitive kid. He loves to play with his brother and he LOVES our cat Leo. He loves all animals for that matter even when they bite or scratch him. He still loves his duckies and often tells me how cute they are. He is still a cuddler which I love, but he is getting a little big for it. We're sure thankful for him and his energy in our family. I can't wait to see what kind of person he turns out to be.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We've begun the first steps on finishing our backyard, sprinklers. We had the trenches dug last Saturday and laid out the pipe. KC and I (mostly KC) spent all of Wednesday making all the connections and we basically got it all done this morning. A few truckloads of topsoil is going to be delivered tomorrow. If you can't tell from the pictures our "dirt" is mostly rock so we'll need a lot of topsoil.

This is Isaac helping us fill in the trenches when we were done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Check Up

Yesterday we packed up all 3 boys and took them to the new doctor. Andrew and Isaac both needed their yearly check-up and William was due for his 2 week visit. All was fairly uneventful except Isaac refused to let the doctor look in his ears for some inexplicable reason. We did all the necessary checks and measurements and found that these boys are growing like weeds.

Andrew is a tall thin weed at 45 inches and 41 pounds. He's about average for his age in weight but is at about the 90th percentile for height. We call Andrew the future basketball player.

Isaac is a proportional weed that is simply big for his age. He is 40 inches and 38 pounds. He is above the 95th percentile for weight and almost off the chart for height. So basically he looks like the average 4 year old and he's not 3 until the end of this month. We call Isaac the future football player.

William, the newly spouted weed is already showing his potential since he is now already 8.6 pounds and 20.4 inches tall. He has gained almost a pound and an inch over his birth measurements. The interesting thing is that when he left the hospital he was 6 lbs 12 oz and they were a little worried about his weight loss. That was just the last two weeks. I think he is in a growth spurt right now as he is voraciously hungry about every 2 hours. He is a promising little weed for sure. We're not sure what to call him, except "little guy" since he was born the smallest of the three.

ps. Don't mistake comparing my kids to weeds to mean anything more than their growth. I certainly don't view them as unwanted and homely. I definitely think they are the cutest and most lovable little boys.
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