Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Fun - Yellowstone - July

In July we met KC's brothers and their families and stayed in a cabin in Island Park. We went to Yellowstone for two days and saw most of the park. We spent a lot of time in the car, but it was beautiful and fun.
The first traffic jam was caused by these Elk.

The cousins (minus Cara)

One of the many hot pots, this one wasn't too stinky.

Waiting for Old Faithful

And waiting

Finally, the eruption. 

We called this Dragon's Cave (I don't think that was the actually name)

The boys thought it all was cool.

One of the many bison we saw out by the roads.

Late in the day stop at Yellowstone falls.. getting tired, can't you tell.

Just hold still.

All of the cousins. All those little trees in the background are new growth after the fires they had a few decades ago.

Hi Cara. No you can't get out.

I wish we had checked this out more. 

Mammoth Springs, those were cool.

All of us at Mammoth Hot Springs.

A grizzly bear that we saw not too far from the road.

In front of the cabin before we left. It was fun. Thanks everyone.

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