Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't be Jealous

So a friend from high school told me last Thanksgiving that she was getting married, most likely in Hawaii. I was surprised when KC said that if she did, it would be a good excuse to take a vacation there. I didn't hesitate and we booked the trip. So the first week of June we pawned our kids off on my parents, sorry mom and dad, and flew out to Maui. It was an awesome trip.

Highlights were:
  • Snorkeling and snuba diving at Molokini crater
  • Spending as much time as we wanted doing nothing
  • A Helicopter trip around Haleakala Crater and the rain forest waterfalls
  • Sunrise and sunset walks on the beach
  • A Sunset dinner cruise, which was also the wedding reception
  • Not changing one diaper or wiping one bottom
It was nice to spend some time alone together. I also enjoyed spending some time with old friends and making some new ones. The plane ride home and jet lag wasn't the funnest, but it was worth it. Here are some photos of the trip for you to drool over.

KC on the beach just a bit down the hill from our condo.

Sunset at Kaanapali Beach

Just before we did our snuba dive, like scuba but instead of a tank on your back you have a hose and a tank on a raft at the surface.

Our helicopter trip stopped partway through on this secluded beach where we explored and had some snacks.

The wedding ceremony was held at these privately owned botanical gardens, it was beautiful.

The sunset as viewed from the cruise boat. It was hot but beautiful.

A decent photo taken by me. Aren't we cute?

It's Better!

So I think it was a phase. Not too long after I posted about Isaac's no diaper policy he stopped doing it. That was after he tried it out in church during Nursery. It had to be the day he had new teachers. I bet they regretted taking the calling after Isaac took off his pants and diaper and hid under the table. Thanks for the words of support from my 5 readers. As a mom of two young boys I'll need advice from time to time.

Coming soon: The travelogue of KC's and I's trip ALONE to Hawaii. I repeat, no kids for 1 whole week, it was awesome.
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