Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cara's Blessing

We had Cara's baby blessing this last Sunday. Almost all of my siblings we able to be there and KC's brother and family came as well as my uncle in his family. Only my immediate family needed to stay at our house and we managed to find places for everyone to sleep.

I somehow managed to get some good pictures of Cara in her dress as well.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


A little late on the sharing of the Halloween costumes this year. Our family theme this year was the computer game that has become a sort family obsession, Plants vs Zombies. Andrew wanted to be the Cherry Bomb on the game it looks like this:

 Andrew looked like this:

Isaac wanted to be the giant zombie called a Gargantuar Zombie, he looks like this in the game:

 Here is Isaac as the Gargantuar Zombie. In the game he sometimes carries a stop that he smashes the plants with instead of a telephone pole. Also on his back is an Imp zombie that rides in a trash can on his back.

KC wanted to one the more common zombies on the game. He chose a Cone Head Zombie. On the game he looks like this:

Here is KC as the cone head zombie, notice the detail:

I made a Pea Shooter costume for William that I wasn't sure he'd wear to go trick or treating. In the game the Pea Shooter looks like this:
But he surprised us all and actually wore the pea shooter hat the whole time he trick or treated around the neighborhood. Again he exceeds my expectations.

I was supposed to be a sun flower as seen here:

I didn't get a picture of me individually, there wasn't much to see, obviously my costume didn't get as much attention as everyone else. Here is the whole family just before they boys left to go trick or treating. 
 Cara here is in her leopard/cat outfit, she was supposed to be a bumble bee but she was sleeping and I didn't get a chance to change her... oh well. This picture is of her earlier in the day:
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