Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arrr Matey!

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. This is the first time we've really gotten into the dressing up and decorating. We even had a little party for the kids and their friends. Inspired by William's hand-me-down costume from when Isaac was a baby, we all ended up being pirates. I made all of my costume minus the hat and boots. I made none of KC's, most of Andrew's, and some of Isaac's. William rode in style in his own pirate ship. He was the highlight of our trick or treating outing.

Something came over me when I envisioned turning our long, boring, and tall front entry hallway into a Haunted Hallway. Armed with large rolls of black plastic, some black lights and fluorescent paint we created a pretty cool little spook "alley". The visiting trick or treaters loved it when the fog spilled out when we opened the door and they saw spooky ghosts, bats, spiders, skeletons, and graves. I put together a track of spooky sounds that played in the background on the porch. It was a lot of fun to open the doors and give out candy this year. Next year we will probably do the same and may expand it out to the porch a little more. I can't wait!

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