Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Season!

All of the boys birthdays are one right after another for the last 3 months. So we call it birthday season around here. Instead of doing 3 different posts I am doing one post for all 3 boys' birthdays.

Andrew turned 9 and had just a family party for his birthday. He got to have Grandma and Grandpa come up for his special day though and we all went to Planet Play to eat lots of pizza and do laser tag, mini golf, go karts and other fun stuff. He is a big fan of Minecraft still so I made his cake with that in mind. The cake only really makes sense to real hardcore Minecraft fans.

William's birthday was next and he was so excited. He turned 4 years old, but if you ask him now he'd say he's 12 years old. (I think because he asked me when he could go to the temple and I said he had to be 12.) Anyway we went to Hollywood Connection and went on the carousel that he tolerated, the bumper cars that William LOVED, and we tried roller skating which he didn't love. For his cake he insisted on having a blue cat cake, so he got one.

Isaac turned 7 years old and it was his turn to have a friend party. I told him it had to be small so we could justify having another friend party when he turns 8. He informed me 1 week before his birthday that he wanted a Tron theme party. So I got busy and luckily found some stuff online such as free printable invitations, an idea for making program discs (that glowed) and playing a ring toss game, an idea for decorating the cake and a fun idea using black lights. I got most of it from the Disney website. My brother also donated some genuine Tron music to play in the background that really set the mood. We had a ton of fun. After eating, pizza, ice cream and cake the kids all went down and watched some scenes from the movie in our Grid room. It was cool.

Isaac also really wanted a wooden samurai sword. We must love him because now he has one. Oye.

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