Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Features

The Grapes of Wrath - who knew that a little pruning would go so far. (There is 6 foot trellis in there)

Double Feature:
Attack of the Onions and The Cabbage Patch Carrots  - I predict that we'll be eating onions, cabbage and carrots through December.

And for the kids, Strawberry Shortcake Battles Potato Bugs from Mars - at least the ones that the potato bugs haven't devoured look good.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Gymnast

I don't remember the other boys being this active in the womb. Sure they had their moments when there was a flutter of movements but that didn't happen very often. This baby girl though, she sometimes moves so much it's like she has her own little fetal trampoline in there on which she is practicing her flips and twists.

She was moving so much last night that I had a dream she wiggled herself somehow how of my belly without me giving birth. (things make much more sense in your dreams, don't they?).  I was holding her and looking at her and saying to her, "you gotta get back in there, it's not time yet".  I tried to put her back in through the top of my belly but she wouldn't stay there. Then I looked at her and realized how healthy and big she looked and wondered if it was okay that she was out. Then I woke up.

It is going to be a long 3 months.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is this considered nesting?

I have been busy lately making a mental list of projects for me to do which will keep me busy for the rest of the summer. I've lately run across a bunch of great ideas for sewing boys clothes. I would like make some of these racer shorts from for the older boys.
For Will I would like to try to make some of these cute t-shirts call the 90-minute shirt. The tutorial is also from and the boy in the picture is her son. So cute!

Next I have projects for the new baby. I have been noticing a lot of women in my ward using various slings to hold their baby while they are at church and I'm sure they use them at home and elsewhere. So I've been researching the different kinds of slings and how difficult it is to make them and I'm probably going to end up making 3 different kinds.

Now the term I guess people use is called "baby wearing" since instead of holding the baby you are wearing them, duh. Here is a link to a post about the different kinds of slings/carriers for baby wearing. Some are easier to use but don't offer a lot of support/comfort and others are comfortable and supportive but use a lot of fabric. A neighbor gave me her extra pocket sling so I already have one of those.
I am planning on making a ring sling and a wrap sling by buying a bunch of yards of fabric, cutting it lengthwise, do some hemming and voila. They are pretty easy to make.

At first I ignored the mei tai, but then I started looking at them more and found them to be a compromise between support and not too much stuff wrapped around you like the wrap. You can also easily put the older child on your back. The only downside for the mei tai is that it doesn't seem as supportive and comfy for the newborn/little baby. I found some good tutorials for the mei tai and I believe I could fairly easily sew one up.
I'll probably end up using the pocket sling for times when I am sitting a lot, like at church. Or for quick baby wearing. I would probably use the wrap and ring sling for longer periods of time especially for the baby when she is little. Then the mei tai will be used when the baby is a little older and for longer periods of time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Flies

If you asked me when I made my last post I would have said it was a couple of weeks ago. Wow, time flies! I guess I've been busy with... life. We actually started work on the boy's bedroom on Memorial Day. We picked up the paint and covered the top half of the walls with dark blue and put in the chair rail. This last week I've been making the curtains and trying organize their stuff. Man, they have a lot of stuff.

Yesterday and today I got to work on making the bookcases for under the windows and designed and built some shelves for their closet to help organize and make the area more useful. I hope to finish painting them tomorrow and hopefully put them in the room on Thursday. Once that's all organized I get to start the fun stuff and make the big tree and paint stars on the wall. KC is a little anxious about me painting on the beautiful blue walls but I think the boys will love it.

In the meantime, bedtime has been fun with all three of them together. Will just thinks it's the most awesome thing to go to bed now, because to him, it is silly time. The other boys think it's way funny, so I have to go up multiple times to threaten loss of privileges if they don't shape up and show Will how you are "supposed" to act at bedtime.

Once I get the shelves up I'll take some pictures. I promise.
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