Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rrroar! Yikes!



Sitting next to Isaac in the Energy Solutions Arena during the Walking With Dinosaurs show last night was a treat. A few months ago KC heard about the show and thought it was be a fun thing for the family to do, so we got tickets. The boys have been looking forward to it for a while, and they weren't disappointed.
(We went sledding yesterday morning and Isaac scraped his cheek a bit on the ice.)

The first dinosaur came out was a smaller scary one and Isaac literally yelled "Yikes!" to the delight of all sitting around us. Each one they showed was a wonder to the boys. They had a huge mommy brachiosaur (not sure on the spelling) protecting her kid and later a huge scary Tyrannosaur protecting it's baby from two larger armored dinosaurs. Three Utah Raptors where shown eating a dinosaur corpse. "Yucky!" Isaac said. Andrew says the end with the Tyrannosaurs was his favorite part. They loved the fight between two triceratop-like male dinosaurs as well, Andrew compared it to a Super Smash Bros. fight from the Nintendo. He wasn't fooled by the wires used to make the flying dinosaur fly, but thought it was pretty cool still.

Here is a shortish video showing some of the boys' favorite parts.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our December in Photos

December flew by so here is a fly by of pictures from our December.

Andrew telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. Isaac wouldn't get on Santa's lap. Maybe next year.
The Christmas card we sent out to some friends and family. Sorry if you didn't get one. Let me know if you want to be added to the list :-) We couldn't get a good family picture of us all at once so we decided to pose and take them separately to create a winter scene courtesy of photoshop.

One of the photos we decided not to use for our Christmas Card creation. Yes our house is really that yellow.

My boys and friends at a Christmas Party.

Transportation to and from the sledding hill. The snow packed roads made it easy.

Isaac at the sledding hill.

Our church meeting time was during Isaac's nap time. So this is how we found him soon after coming home from church once.

Andrew's favorite thing that Santa got him. Santa must have listened when we visited him.

The backyard after the Christmas snowstorm. There are a couple steps down right in front of Isaac so it was pretty deep back there.

Isaac and his cousin sharing the scooter. He was nice to let her ride and she was nice to always let him drive.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Make It Stop!

I can barely pull out of my ice covered driveway into our narrowly plowed snow-packed alley already. Right now the snow is coming down sideways and it's currently 25 degrees. The ground has been covered in snow for only a couple of weeks, but I am already sick of it. Maybe if it were warmer I'd tolerate it. I know it could be worse. My little brother is on a Mission in Spokane, WA where they have had at least 5 feet, that's 60 inches, of snow in the last few weeks and are expecting more.

It's not all bad. We have had fun in the snow with the boys. We went sledding a few weeks ago, they loved that. I have found that Isaac would stay outside in the snow all day if I let him. Andrew only lasts until his wrists get cold or the snow gets down his neck. Once I can get on the other computer and download pictures I will add them.

It is also nice to know that lots of snow is falling on the mountains. Here in the desert we really need that snow from the mountains. Still I can't help but wish for at least 50 degree days. Here's to another 2-3 months of white stuff and cold.
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