Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Worse!

Before it was just his pants and sometimes his shirt. Now it is the diaper too and he's not very consistent about it either. His desire to remove his pants and diaper are quite random. It makes it worse because I get used to him being good and not taking them off then, SURPRISE! The diaper is off or almost off, as the case was today. I found him in the process of taking a POOPY diaper off while SITTING on the COUCH. That was fun. Earlier this week he took it off while sitting on a carpeted step. I didn't know he had done it until he came to me and showed me his poopy hand. Nice. It was smeared on the step.

I went to get him out of his crib today from his nap. No pants, no diaper. Luckily it was just wet. You might think he was ready to be potty trained. But he's not. I think he's scared of sitting on the toilet. He likes to flush it and pretend to wipe, but when I tried to have him sit in the Blue's Clues potty seat he started yelling and squirming.

The only solution I've been able to think of is putting pants on him that he has a hard time pulling off. Do you other mommies or past mommies have any other suggestions?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is that a Backpack or a Leash?

So I am very, very tempted to get one of these for Isaac. We were at the park the other day having a nice picnic with friends. He kept running off despite my best efforts to keep him in view. Tired of chasing him I took to watching him play near the fence of the tennis courts at a distance. He's a smart one though and once he figured he was far enough he just started to book it outta there. I had to book it after him myself cause he was headed straight for the little road that cars use to get into the park. After crossing the road safely he then ran straight at an elderly man and grabbed his legs as if he wanted him to save him from his Mom. Later he ran off in the other directing again.. running straight for the same elderly man and hugging his legs. The man may have wondered if Isaac was asking to be saved from his restrictive mother.

Isaac is always looking for a way to run away. One day the boys were in the backyard playing. I let them play out there alone because it is tightly fenced. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there was my neighbor from across the street with a little boy that looked a lot like my kid. The gate had been left open. Another time we were doing some yard work and the gate was open for about 1 minute before he sneaked out and went to another neighbors house and started pounding on their door.

So a leash.. I mean cute monkey backpack with a long tail and a handle at the end could be a great help in keeping him in line while we are out in public. Is this demeaning?

UPDATE: So I picked up the monkey backpack leash at the store. The boys thought it was a great toy. Isaac wore it around the house for the first day. Last night we were able to use it for the first time outside of the house. It worked pretty well. When he'd run off while I was holding the tail he'd basically pull on it until he fell to the ground, not very graceful. But it kept him near me. Later he wanted it off because he realized I was keeping him from getting into everything. It's not a perfect solution, but at least when I turn my back he can't run off.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pacifier Gone

Well Isaac is off the pacifier during both day and night. I decided that since he is now 2 years old he shouldn't have it anymore, especially since it was fast becoming his best friend, even when he didn't have it during the day. He has always been a easy child when it comes to going to sleep. This is mostly thanks to the pacifier.

The night I took it away I didn't know what to expect. He asked for it at least 5 times. "Fire?" he'd say. I told him that I couldn't find it, it was lost, it went bye-bye. I guess he accepted my answers eventually. So now at bedtime sans pacifier I give him a bit of milk in his crib and luckily he doesn't protest much. He's been sleeping better at night as well, since he's not waking up needing help to look for his "fire." It has been nice, so pacifier problem solved.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cold Spring

Spring here in Utah has been quite abnormal. The last month or so has frustrating, especially with two young boys who want to play outside. It has been going like this, 2 days or so of beautiful weather, but maybe a bit windy. Then a warm turning cold really windy day, when the cold front comes though. The next day is cold. The day after that is also cold. Third day is a bit warmer but still chilly then we finally have a beautiful day. The day after is almost summer like weather, then the cycle starts again. We might finally be getting out of this cycle now that it is May.

Because of the periodic warmer weather we turned our automatic sprinklers on last week. The first day they went on at 6 am I found this a few hours later. It was very pretty in the morning light.
The sprinklers sprayed the bottom of the tree and since it was a very cold morning we had a tree full of icicles. Sadly the cherry blossoms had just come out so there may not be any cherries growing at the bottom of this tree, but the other blossoms seem to still be fine.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Isaac Turns Two

Last week Isaac officially turned two years old. I can't believe the little guy is already two. My parents, sister and her kids came to celebrate the weekend before his birthday. We had cupcakes, opened presents and played outside with bubbles. The weather was actually really nice that day which has been really hit and miss lately. Here is a picture of the boys and their cousins on one of our rarely warm spring days. The boys sure love seeing their cousins and grandparents.

For more celebrations, the next weekend we met up with some friends at Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove and had a fun two hours playing. Isaac is fearless even with the biggest slides. He could climb up the ladder and go down the steep slide all by himself. He and Andrew LOVED it.

The boys also had their yearly check-up last week and here are the updated measurements for them.

Andrew - 4 yrs old
weight - 37 lbs - 57 %ile
height - 42 in. - 77 %ile

Isaac - 2 yrs old
weight - 34 lbs - 97 %ile
height - 37 in. - 97 %ile
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