Monday, July 19, 2010

A Motivating Factor

Through the grace of the exercise god, (is that blasphemous?), I managed to get a free month of unlimited exercise classes at our local community center.

Being one not to let anything go to waste, I got up at 5:25 on a Monday morning to go to the first exercise class of the week. The class only had one description, it's name, PUMP. Not knowing exactly what to expect I showed up and got my butt kicked. This is why I like exercise classes. They push me to do what I would never willingly force myself to do exercising on me own. I would never do that many squats and lunges with extra weight. I wouldn't do that many bicep curls or tricep extensions. I would give up at the first sign of my muscles working and figure that's enough.

Now I can barely hold my arms up enough to type this post and you know what, I feel better for it. Although I might be a little tired today and a little sore tomorrow, I'll feel better about myself and more productive knowing that I did something good for me and knowing now that I've started I can keep on doing it.

I posted the above 3 paragraphs on my private weight-loss group blog today. I feel compelled to offer an invitation to any of my blog reading friends and family to join up with us. Basically it's a website that helps us cheapskates do the Weight Watchers program without paying the dues and going to the meetings. There are a lot of web resources out there to help so I point you to those and offer some downloads. My weekly to bi-weekly posts are there to motivate and keep on track as well. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in gaining access.
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