Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Disneyland and Cruise

After KC and I went on a little Mexican cruise early last spring he started talking with his friends about doing a cruise again but this time with friends and kids. So we ended up planning the same cruise for six months later, but this time we'd hit Disneyland before hand and be with a lot more kids and friends.

We dropped Will off at Grandma's house and our two families with 2 kids each squeezed into our van and drove down to California. We spent two fun but exhausting days touring Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure Park. Then we went to Newport beach and played in the surf. Then it was time for the cruise. We left Monday when we met up with another of KC's friends and his 5 kids and spent one day at Catalina Island and another day in Ensenada before the ship headed back. The boys loved being with the other kids and in the kids program on the ship. They of course LOVED Disneyland and want to go back next week. Andrew's favorite rides were, Soarin' California at DCA and Space Mountain. Isaac really liked Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. KC loved Indian Jones and Screamin' California. I liked Space Mountain and Screamin' California the best. We all love watching the boys and their friends participate in the Jedi Training Academy. (video to follow)

So after a ton of money spent and 5-10 pounds gained we are back and feeling the post-vacation blues. Here are some pictures to make you jealous and us more depressed.

The photo from the Tower of Terror, I don't know how KC convinced me that Isaac and Andrew should go on this ride.

We made the time to wait in line to see Mickey at his house.

The kids waiting to see Captain EO. Not sure what they thought of it.

Newport Beach. Not that warm of weather and the water was cold, but the boys still had fun.

The whole group outside the ship in Mexico.

We took the boys horseback riding in Mexico, at the same beach we went to before. They loved it. It was sorta windy and chilly.

We made signs ahead of time to help ensure that the boys got picked. Before fighting Darth Vader or Darth Maul they did some "training" learning the sequence of moves that they do to fight them. The costumes and "acting" were done really well. It was blast to watch.
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