Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rrroar! Yikes!



Sitting next to Isaac in the Energy Solutions Arena during the Walking With Dinosaurs show last night was a treat. A few months ago KC heard about the show and thought it was be a fun thing for the family to do, so we got tickets. The boys have been looking forward to it for a while, and they weren't disappointed.
(We went sledding yesterday morning and Isaac scraped his cheek a bit on the ice.)

The first dinosaur came out was a smaller scary one and Isaac literally yelled "Yikes!" to the delight of all sitting around us. Each one they showed was a wonder to the boys. They had a huge mommy brachiosaur (not sure on the spelling) protecting her kid and later a huge scary Tyrannosaur protecting it's baby from two larger armored dinosaurs. Three Utah Raptors where shown eating a dinosaur corpse. "Yucky!" Isaac said. Andrew says the end with the Tyrannosaurs was his favorite part. They loved the fight between two triceratop-like male dinosaurs as well, Andrew compared it to a Super Smash Bros. fight from the Nintendo. He wasn't fooled by the wires used to make the flying dinosaur fly, but thought it was pretty cool still.

Here is a shortish video showing some of the boys' favorite parts.


Beck's said...

for christmas we don't do gifts for siblings and their kids. We get togther and do something. Last year it was the polar express and this year we are going to the DINO walk on Sat.

The Quarnbergs said...

Tai can't even stand it she is so excied about going. maybe we should have all just hired a private showing for the Whickers descendants. I gotta say, I am pretty stoked about going too. Tai gets to have a daddy/mommy/daughter date!!!!

Brooke Bergin said...

That's awesome! We thought about taking Emma, but thought it might be too scary for her. Sounds like it was more fun than scary!

Sarbear said...

The tyrannosaur was pretty loud when it roared. Isaac covered his ears and then sat on the ground below his seat to hide at the end when it was roaring. Other than that it wasn't scary. I guess it depends on how easily scared she gets. It's not easy for the kids to see how they aren't real, so it could be more frightening that way.

wileywoman said...

Ella says "Ooo, Andrew, we like that show! Thank you for letting us watch that show, we loved it."
Nina says " I want to watch it again!"
I say, sounds like it was a lot of fun. Are the dinos life-size? The girls have really enjoyed watching the video over and over and over...(obviously).

Sarbear said...

They are life size. In some of the shots you can see the palaeontologist on the floor near the dinosaur. So yeah, pretty big. We were up in the second level of seats in the Energy Solutions Arena (delta center) and only like 5 rows down from the top.

I'm glad your girls liked the video. Maybe they'll come to Houston soon.

DeAnn said...

Glad the boys were able to experience it! MOM

Karen Scoffield said...

Hey Sara,
I am sorry to leave this on your blog but I need to get your email. It is easier for me to email than return calls. Thurs. should work. Lets decide on a time. I might have to do some RS visits. Thanks!

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