Thursday, September 3, 2009


The word "awkward" is awkward itself. It's hard to say, hard to spell and once you spell it right, it looks funny. Lots of things in this world can be described with the word awkward. Here are a few:
  • Going on a first date
  • Dialing the wrong number
  • Saying no to sales people
  • Riding in elevators with a stranger...
  • Who has flatulence
  • Asking a person's name more than once
  • Sharing an armrest with a stranger in a movie
  • Using public restrooms
  • Taking family photos. Some just turn out awkward too, at least in the case of the photos found on this website, Take a look, some are pretty funny.

I was wondering, do you think this photo counts as an awkward family photo?


Beck's said...

I am going to give this a very awkward, due to the boys sitting on the tree. But it looks like you were having fun.

Marie Bindrup said...

Funny! Yeah, not the best family picture- especially since we can't even see poor little William and you are wearing at hat the covers your face- at least YOUR eyes are open in this picture ( i think) unlike our last family photo :)

Sarbear said...

My eyes are open. But I wish someone told me how dumb I look in that hat.

wileywoman said...

You don't look dumb in your hat...maybe a little ahkwerd. Next time, everyone should straddle the tree and act like it's a roller coaster (um, I think I am spelling stuff wrong, oh well) then it wouldn't be akword, it would just be silly.

DeAnn said...

I don't think it is ahkward at all! I thing you look turific!

Ranell and Brandon said...

That is an awesome family photo! HAHAHA nice job!

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