Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Heroes

Is your land in danger from an evil king, sith lord, emperor, or magician? Never fear! Call 1-800-MY HEROES and we'll provide you with the right hero for the job.

The hero, Andrew Who Could Fight always has the right weapon for the job. With his magical sword, super hammer, bombs, and arrows, he is ready to fight both dungeon bosses and evil magicians.

 If a samurai ninja is more your style, we have Ninja Isaac to protect your people.

With Scottish heart and fighting skills, William Wallace is ready to free your people from the tyranny of kings.

Do you have a Sith Lord Emperor plaguing your galaxy? What your rebellion needs is a good Jedi Master.

Does organization, structure, and cleanliness bog you down? Pumpkin Boy with pumpkin power will fix that with his ability to empty cupboards and throw food. His signature mess of pumpkin innards lets organizers know who's in town.

Is your city overrun by mental crime bosses? We also have special relations with a bat obsessed group who can put those criminals behind bars. Sign up now and we'll include a free signal light.


Miss Summerson said...

A.w.e.s.o.m.e. Love the William Wallace and Jedi Knight!

Brooke said...

Wow--your hubby's kind of scary!

DeAnn said...

Sarah, foget the computer, the cooking, cleaning, gardening....Just be a mother and start creative writing! I love reading your blogs! MOM

Sarbear said...

How can I be a mom without cooking and cleaning? Thanks for the compliment though mom. KC did assist in some word choices.

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