Friday, January 7, 2011

Been Busy

Where have I been? Of course there were the holidays, that always keeps us busy. We also spent most of November working on a project inside the house. Time to share the results. I didn't take any before pictures. Just imagine white walls with finger prints, scuff marks, and pencil from busy and creative boys.

First here is the dining room. We added blue paint, chair rail and made wainscoting boxes using pencil rail.

This the entry hallway. It is far from finished as we are trying to come up with the best way decorate this massive hallway. We thought a great first step is the paint and more wainscoting. We love the brown.

 Then everything was continued into the living room.

In the bedroom we took a slightly different approach and made cornice boxes inspired from All Things Thrifty. Then inspired from Suzy's Sitcom we used the same textured wallpaper as on the cornice boxes and glazed it with the wall color framing it with chair rail on top and the pencil rail on the bottom.

 Closer view of the wall decor. We also painted the bathroom the brown color from the bedroom (not pictured).

Lastly, KC got a new job that he started this December. Instead of working from home in his pajamas he now commutes on the bus to downtown and wears a suit everyday. Here is a hint at the new job.


kelly said...

you have been busy. Looks good!! What's Casey doing for the church?

Sarbear said...

I'll email you.

Brooke Ulrich said...

Wow! That looks absolutely amazing! What a GREAT project! Thank you for sharing it with me!

Brooke said...

Sarah--this looks amazing! You guys have done great work. I love the chair rail, wainscoting and the colors you chose. Very beautiful and soothing. You should be proud of yourselves!

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