Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cara's First Summer and Birthday

Like I said, I've been (not so) awesome at updating my blog. So here are some highlights of our summer featuring Cara ending with her first birthday!

Seven Months old and playing outside at Grandma's house.

7 mos - Riding the safari train at the Animal Safari Park in San Diego.

San Clemente beach

Cara became proficient at the army crawl for quite a while.

Mmm, spaghetti. - 8 months

Almost 9 months old. 

Crawling! and in a cute dress from when my sisters and I were little.

Dinner at snowbird - 9 months

Peach Days Parade, 11 months

Being a girly girl.

Cara has rights to the lick the birthday frosting spatula.

First Birthday cake! It was strawberry cake inside.. mmm

Happy Birthday Cara! Your brothers, dad and I love you so much and enjoy every day we are with you.

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