Friday, May 8, 2009

Blessing William

Last Sunday we had William's baby blessing at home. We were going to do it during sacrament meeting, but since he was still a bit sick from RSV we decided to hold it at home.

(As an aside William and I were at Primary Children's for 24hrs last week. He had a fever over 100 so as a precaution they had us go there so they could do all the tests to make sure it wasn't something more serious. Turns out he had RSV though he was hardly coughing and had a bit of mucus. I all sounds more worrisome than it actually was. We came home after the 24 hrs and he is doing awesome now and back to himself.)

William manged to sleep through the whole thing, which made the blessing go fairly smooth. Casey thought that doing it at home would be better since he wouldn't feel the pressure of feeling the spirit for the blessing in front of the whole congregation, but he said afterwards it wasn't that much different doing it in front of a bunch of family either. Any way he does it, he always does an awesome job.

Casey's brother from Arizona was already visiting so he was able to attend along with his other brother and his family. I had my family come up from Southern Utah to stay and be there for the blessing as well. I have two sisters who have 3 kids each, all 5 and under. So we had 9 kids in the house for 2 days. We couldn't go outside much since it was rainy most of the time. Sometimes it was very loud, but we managed to enjoy it still. Andrew and Isaac loved having their cousins here to play. No matter how stressful or hectic it is when the house is crazy with visitors I always feel a little depressed with how suddenly quiet and lonely the house feels after they leave. I also miss having the extra people to help with the cooking and the dishes.


mom said...

We missed seeing you guys too. We had a great, but short time with you!


Brooke Bergin said...

What a beautiful blessing day. Glad you guys are all on the mend. It's awful being sick in the spring. We need to go on a picnic with the kids in the next few weeks before it gets too hot!

Jim said...

Thanks for the invite - but sorry I missed... would have loved seeing everyone - but - I wasn't feeling well - not so bad to stay home generally - but such that I was thinking it wasn't good to expose everyone since I didn't know what I had - especially with a young'un ;-)

Congrats - what a cute family!

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