Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who's Who?

These are pictures of Andrew, Isaac, and William all at about the same age. Can you tell who's who?


Beck's said...

Your boys look like mine. They look so much a like, but yet they all have their own definate look. They are all cute and I have no idea who is who?

kelly said...

my guess:
A is Andrew
B is William
C is Isaac
Am I even close?

Marie Bindrup said...

I can totally tell Andrew (A), and then William looks so different when he smiles, (B), and then Isaac- cute as always. They do look alike, though. I was looking at a picture of Isaac from camping the other day- and he looked EXACTLY like YOU! It is on mom's screen saver- ask her to send you the picture to see for yourself.

wileywoman said...

what a funny post! Marie's right...I can tell really easy but this made me realize how much Andrew and Will look alike. I think all the kids have your coloring, which is cool since isn't the lightest coloring the non-dominant trait?

Brooke Bergin said...

Wow--they do look alike. You got me, Sarah--I can't even guess who is who.

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