Monday, July 13, 2009

What a difference a few months make.

After months of work we finally put grass in this last week. It is such a stark transformation. We didn't just go from dirt to grass, we went from sloping rocky expanse, (seriously one guy who did our cement commented repeatedly that they should have put a gravel pit here and sold all this rock, cha-ching)
to dirt with about 6 truckloads of dirt,
add some cement, a garden, trees, and plants
Finally there's grass. Such a difference.
The last step is to add a pathway and a planting area along the left border and put plants and rock/bark in the rest of the areas. (This is a photoshop mock up of what it might look like, yay photoshop.)


KC said...

You forgot to photoshop a yellow flag into the center of that first grass section for that putting area we talked about. =)

Brooke said...

love the curbing! The yard is a lot of work! I'm so glad you have grass now....

wileywoman said...

O.K., have you seen my latest post about my need for landscaping help? I love what you've done with the path (but that was photoshop-ed?) and we've decided we can't afford the cement borders right now, but, seriously, I love everything guys are getting really good at this. I'm designing our landscape right now since we have to get approval before we move in in Oct. wish me luck.

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