Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kindergarten Romance Update

Andrew is still developing his kindergarten crush. Despite not really wanting to make a special valentine for Purple Coat girl (I'll call her that because she wears a purple coat), he told KC the other day that he would like Purple Coat girl but KC couldn't have her because she was born at a different day. I think he means that she is too young for KC. KC pointed out to Andrew that he has already found a special girl so he didn't need to worry about daddy. Did Andrew just stake his claim? Is it like how male animals in the wild will say to all the other males.. hey this one is mine!?

The next day while driving to a family outing Andrew announces that he thinks he loves Purple Coat girl.

"Andrew, what do you like about her?" I asked.

"I like her hair," he sighs.

"What else to like about her?" I continued.

"I like her face. And her smile. I like it when she smiles. I think she likes it when I smile. I think she loves me too."

KC and I had to hold back the giggles and shock at the romancer we are raising. KC says his first crush wasn't until 2nd grade. I can't remember if I even had a crush in elementary school. All I can say is that we are going to need to watch this kid he is going to be a ladies man.


Marie Bindrup said...

That is soooooo funnny! How did you guys keep a straight face?

The other week Dean said he had a crazy dream. Ryan and I asked if it was scary- he said "sort of. it was just weird" Why was it weird we asked?? He said " because I had a dream about the girl I was going to marry." WHAT??!!!

I had my first crush in 4th grade. His name was Alex, I think, but he liked Angela, and he got to sit next to her because both of their names started with "A" and of course, I was clear at the back with the "w's". FIE ON W and FIE ON ANGELA!!!

Sarbear said...

Oh our faces weren't straight. Since we were in the car he couldn't see our faces.

I'm sorry you couldn't sit next to Alex, I bet if you had a different last name your life would have been very different.

Lucky for Andrew is crush is friends with him and we are setting up a play date for next week. Wish him luck!

KC said...

That's my little dude!

Heidi Sanchez said...

I love it. That is too cute. Alissa loved having him over. They held hands all the way home from school. You should have seen it! It was so cute I could hardly stand it!

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