Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet William

It was William's birthday this week. He didn't know what was going on, but he loved getting lots of cupcakes. The photo is of him after his third cupcake. I think the older boys enjoyed his little party more than he did.

We have really enjoyed having Little Will in our family. He is so excited and full of life. I can already see him being a fun loving kid. He loves to do silly things with his body and make odd noises with his mouth. His feet are almost as important to him as his hands. He loves to slam his feet on the ground continually (you can see that in the video of him crawling) and almost as soon as he could clap with his hands he started doing the "foot clap" which I will share in a video.

Happy Birthday Will, we love you.


Ranell and Brandon said...

Wow! One year old already? Time goes by way too fast! He looks like he is such a fun little boy.... I hope I get one that will actually eat his cake on his birthday instead of stare at it like its disgusting!

Marie Bindrup said...

Is his birthday on the 18th? I was going to call you on that day, but it got crazy, and then I remembered when we were camping, but no cell phone coverage. I hope you guys had fun. He sure is a cutie!

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