Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Photo

For the first time in over 2 years my family, my siblings their spouses and all their kids were together for long enough to take a big family picture. It is surprising but not so much when you think about it, how hard it is to get 9 kids 6 and under to hold still. You'd think that the "babies" would be the hardest but it was the older kids (my boys) that gave us the hardest time while taking the pictures. Even after 10 photos I still had to use Photoshop and switch out a third of the faces.
(Can you imagine how hard it was to get everyone to hold their pose at the same time?)

We were also able to get a picture done of our family that included Will. I can't decide which photo I like best. Of course our older boys were getting restless and had a really hard time holding still to look at the camera at the same time.

So these are the two best.
Which should I print?

It was a little easier to get the boys to hold still for individual pictures, especially since I let them climb the trees.


Brooke said...

What a beautiful setting! love the blossoms!!! I love the second family picture because the lighting is soft and flattering and your older boys look good, but then Will is looking down. Family pics are so stressful!

Sarbear said...

I know, he is looking down! He wasn't cooperating much for that pose. He still looks cute though, looking at the grass. I like that one too, KC says it's too asymmetrical.

DeAnn said...

What a great idea to have a family pic there. Ha. Wonder whose idea it was. The pics look great. either one is fine!

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