Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cast Off

The cast finally came off yesterday. Before they took us to the cast room, Will was happy as a clam since he had full access to the computer.

Or so he thought, darn password protection.

Then they took us to the cast room, but Will thought it was the torture room.

After a few minutes his leg was finally free.

But it wasn't over as we had to go to torture room number 2, the x-ray room. Then mommy wasn't allowed to let Will down on the ground until the doctor reviewed the x-rays. Torture for both Will and mommy. Finally we were free to go and we could get candy.

Won't this make a great keep sake?


KC said...

Ahhhh, no more rock solid weapons swinging wildly near the waste area during the occasional diaper change.... Now Daddy can rest easy.

Brooke said...

I still can't believe he had to wear one of those bulky things! Poor kid. Glad it's all over.

wileywoman said...

Yay for Will. How was he behaving after? Did he favor his leg or act like he still had his cast on? Was his leg skinnier? Good thing he won't remember any of this!

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