Thursday, August 5, 2010

Of Course

Will is walking finally!

Wait... scratch that.
Here he is the day after he broke his left leg on a trampoline last Friday. He needed some Motrin for a couple of days, but he's in no pain now as far as I can tell.

And here he is yesterday after he got is cool blue waterproof hard cast. So Will won't be doing any real walking for 3 more weeks. He can sorta crawl. On the bright side he has developed a nice way of telling me he's awake in his crib without having to cry. The hard cast makes a nice loud sound on the bars of the crib, so when he's bored and awake he just bangs away.


kelly said...

oh no!!!!! So sad, glad he's not in pain, though.

Beth said...
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Beth said...

K- that is really creepy. Joseph broke his leg (going down a slide) exactly last year. His LEFT leg! Right after he started walking! And his cast was waterproof blue as well!! That is crazy!!!

Sorry about the cast though. It's no fun. It's kind of funny when he'll get it off. He'll get used to moving around with it and then when it's off, he'll act like it's still on. Joseph had to re-learn to bend is leg, so we went up and down the stairs a lot.

Brooke said...

Are you serious??? I'm so sorry! Poor Will. Hope you guys are all handling things okay.

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