Saturday, August 27, 2011

With a Matching Diaper Bag

Though the kids, house, and dinner were thoroughly neglected, I made a messenger style diaper bag to match the mei tai that I made. I used a tutorial that I found online called the Hip Mama Diaper Bag. I made a few changes, but basically followed the directions.

  • I omitted the velcro on the pockets
  • I made the elastic 12 inches instead of 10
  • I changed around the style a little and added a couple strips of patterned fabric on the flap and back piece among other things.
There are a ton of pockets inside and out. 

The back of the bag has a zippered pocket.

It probably took me about 7 hours total to make including the various child interruptions.


Brooke said...

You MADE a diaper bag??? You continue to amaze me. It turned out way cute! And you can never have enough pockets....

DeAnn said...

It turned out darling. Now you understand why some things are cheaper to buy, but others are just BETTER homemade. You'll love it!

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