Saturday, September 10, 2011

T-Shirt Design

(obviously this girl isn't really pregnant, her belly looks too soft and the rest of her body hasn't grown to match)

I'm about to pop. Please be careful.

Do you think this t-shirt design could sell? I wonder how quickly I could get it made up for myself.


Marie Bindrup said...

Since when do you have ANYTHING made up for you? Make it yourself, sista!

wileywoman said...

Marie, you are funny. Sarah, you will earn the undying awe of james if you go and build something (or paint someone or sew something ) this week. When I'm at 39 wks I don't get off the couch.
Love the shirt. Too bad we didn't find that sooner and rotate it around between the three of us over the last few years.
ps, where's the picture of YOUR belly? don't forget to take one before she comes.

wileywoman said...

correction...I mean "paint someTHING" not "someONE". Although that would be funny, too.

Sarbear said...

I'll try very hard to paint someone or something this week. You know.. surprisingly that t-shirt only exists in my head. I looked all over the internet for funny maternity t-shirts before I made this post and this one didn't come up.

I agree I should get a belly picture soon. I'll have to do a front view and side view.

Marie, it would look so much better if I had it screen printed, don't you think. I suppose my white maternity shirt is so messed up now, that it wouldn't hurt to take some markers to it. Maybe if I get to Friday I will.

wileywoman said...

You could totally do that with a sharpie and a t-shirt you don't care too much about. go for it. post a pic.

Sarbear said...

Would that count as painting something?

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