Friday, September 23, 2011

Miss Cara

Our sweet Miss Cara was born this last Tuesday morning, right on her due date (good guess Karen!). She is so prompt and efficient that once she decided to come it only took her 2 1/2 hours from the time she woke up mommy to where the nurse caught her at the hospital. The doctor (not nearly as prompt and efficient) didn't show up until more than 10 minutes after her. She weighed in at 8lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. We didn't expect her to be bigger than one of her brothers at birth. 
My "before" picture taken a few days before Cara was born. I actually expected her to be born that night as I had been having regular "contractions" about every 10 minutes apart. They should be called "teaser contractions".

Just after Cara was born. We were so busy laboring and trying to get the nurse in before she was born that we didn't get out the camera until 10 minutes after she was born.
KC with his little princess. 
We got to spend the whole day with her and enjoy her.
Just before heading home.

Grandma came a few days before as we thought she was coming earlier. Grandma was thinking about leaving that day. Good thing Cara decided to come that morning.
Grandma likes to make "Birth"day cakes for her grandkids . Happy Birthday CARA!

First bath at home. The boys were excited to watch.
She didn't appreciate when her body was wet and cold but she loved getting her hair washed. Just like at a salon.

After we rubbed her hair dry it looked sorta curly.. then it straightened out... we'll see.

The boys with their long awaited little sister. 

Welcome to our family Sweet Miss Cara!


kelly said...

Congrats again!! Can't wait to meet her!

DeAnn said...

You did it again Sarah. Cute blog for such a cute grandbaby!

Marie Bindrup said...

I can't wait to hold her! I am excited to see her and get my baby fix. Start whispering in her ear at night-"marie is your favorite aunt". Congrats and see you soon :)

Miss Summerson said...

Congratulations, Sarah! She's so cute and I bet you're so glad she's here! I hope she's a good sleeper and eater and that everyone adjusts well to the new addition!

wileywoman said...

whatever marie. I'm going to see her next week....we'll see who the fav aunt is then. :)
She's adorable, Sarah. Can't wait to see her and all y'all.

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