Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big 4 Year Old

Andrew turned 4 years old this past week. We were visiting Grandma on the day of his birthday. When we'd say "Happy Birthday" to him he'd say "No... it's not my birthday yet."
"When will it be your birthday Andrew?"
"When I get my cake and blow out the candles," he says. I guess it's gotta be official with him. So after dinner we finally got out the cake and he got to finally be 4. Nevermind that months before he was saying he was 4 already. I guess he was tired of waiting for his birthday, but once he realized his real birthday was getting closer he consented to being 3 again for a while. He refused to even try any of the special ice cream cake we got him. We sorta knew he'd refuse so mommy and daddy chose the flavor.

Five days later we had a real birthday party for Andrew with some of his friends. Surprisingly he ate 3 cupcakes that day, I guess he's willing to eat some cake now. But no ice cream for that boy. He blew out 4 candles again and announced to another mother that he was now 5 years old since he blew out more candles. Nice try buddy.

The birthday party theme was Disney Pixar's Cars. Lightning McQueen was every where. I made a poster size McQueen for the kids to color. They did a good job for a bunch of 3 & 4 year olds. They played with cars of all types and we had a lot of fun with balloons. What's a party without a bunch of balloon wielding sword fighters?

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mom said...

I think I figured out why my comments wouldn't work, so here we go. I ejjoyed reading your blog. I went back and read your older ones also and enjoyed them all over again. Thanks for letting me know when you blog! LOVE MOM

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