Thursday, May 1, 2008

Isaac Turns Two

Last week Isaac officially turned two years old. I can't believe the little guy is already two. My parents, sister and her kids came to celebrate the weekend before his birthday. We had cupcakes, opened presents and played outside with bubbles. The weather was actually really nice that day which has been really hit and miss lately. Here is a picture of the boys and their cousins on one of our rarely warm spring days. The boys sure love seeing their cousins and grandparents.

For more celebrations, the next weekend we met up with some friends at Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove and had a fun two hours playing. Isaac is fearless even with the biggest slides. He could climb up the ladder and go down the steep slide all by himself. He and Andrew LOVED it.

The boys also had their yearly check-up last week and here are the updated measurements for them.

Andrew - 4 yrs old
weight - 37 lbs - 57 %ile
height - 42 in. - 77 %ile

Isaac - 2 yrs old
weight - 34 lbs - 97 %ile
height - 37 in. - 97 %ile


mom said...

woops! I made the wrong comments on the wrong picture. ANYWAY, you may be alright with the cherries. When it is at freezing here many will put sprinklers on their fruit and I THINK their blossoms to keep it from freezing. So you may be okey!
LOVE YOU LOTS! Grandma Wiley

mom said...

Look at what time I am on the computer. I couldn't sleep. I realized I made brownies and I ate some at about 10 pm. Soooo I think I got some caffine in my system and I can't sleep.


Sarbear said...

Wow that is late to be up. We'll just have to wait and see on the cherries. The blossoms turned brown so I dunno.

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