Thursday, July 17, 2008

Giant Block Letters or Typography for Kids

When our little family is on the road, we are always on the lookout for an exciting GIANT block letter inconspicuously painted on a mountainside. Ever since Andrew learned his letters at 2 years old it has been exciting to spot these letters. First it was the "Y". That is probably the easiest letter to find in Utah Valley. Last year he found the "P".

And then on a trip to the Salt Lake valley we noticed the harder to find "G". Last year he talked often of wanted to touch the "P". He would mention this to pretty much everyone and I had to qualify that it was the letter P not any other kind of P. Anyway on July 4th, 2007 Casey took Andrew and they found a trail that led to the P. So now it was, "I touched the P". I still had to do some qualifying for that one.Andrew at the P.

This last June we took both boys out to Provo and we hiked up to the Y. It was a much more difficult hike than it was to the P. I used the monkey backpack for Isaac so he didn't wander off a cliff, but I ended up carrying him on my back most of the way anyways. Andrew was very exciting about being able to touch the Y. His only comment afterwards was that it was cold.

Andrew at the Y.

We drove past the G the other day and he seriously asked if we could stop and hike to it. So now I think we have a tradition here. We drove past Nephi recently and there is a J there on the mountain. Why a J for Nephi? Does that make sense to anyone else? So now Andrew wants to hike to the J. He told his Grandma all about this recently and she suggested we visit the giant H that is near her house. How many more giant block letters can there be in Utah?


Gramps said...

I'm sure the J on the hill near Nephi is for Juab County, which Nephi is the county seat for. That's a good activity for your family.

Karen said...

Let's all go hike the "H" when we come, o.k.? Sounds like fun!

Beck's said...

J is for Juab. it is Juab high school and county... Hope you family is doing well...

mom said...

Enjoyed the pics Sarah. Did you get a picture of Issac at the Y?


dad said...

Sarah, you can also hike the "L" in LaVerkin. There is also the "D" in St. George. Anyway there are a bunch of them. LOVE DAD

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