Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Won!

I actually won something for once. Actually it's my second time winning something in the last 5 years. The first time was at some crappy website where you click on crappy offers and every time you click you are entered to win a satellite radio. My purpose in subjecting myself to this was to win one for a Christmas present for my big brother. One day I clicked on at least 100 of these and actually won. COOL! I believe my brother enjoyed the present and I was glad I could get him something cool for Christmas.

So recently I did one of those, comment on this blog post and we'll draw a winner for such and such, comments on the Light Refreshments Served website. The blog is a group blog featuring 4 women bloggers talking about life with a LDS twist. The blog is sponsored by Excel Entertainment which has something to do with Deseret Book. So about every month they have a give away. I entered for the Baskin Robbins gift certificate, but didn't win that one. :-( Then I entered for the $50 movies gift card and YES I surprisingly won. We're exciting because the gift card will be for Cinemark theaters. There is a nice theater in Provo we can go to for new movies, but the coolest thing is that Cinemark also has a dollar theater in Provo, cha-ching!

So see ya at the movies this summer!


kelly said...

how exciting! I never win anything, but I guess I never try either!

Sarbear said...

That's usually me too. I figure since I never win, why bother. I guess this was the exception.

Kacy said...

I'm so jealous you won! That's a lot of dollar movies.

mom said...

When I first read about your winnings I thought "Good they can go to a first run movie for a change....." then I read the rest of the blog. Well anyway, way to go sarah!

Sarbear said...

We used the gift card for the first time last weekend. We saw Dark Knight the weekend it opened. So there you go, a first run movie.

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