Sunday, July 6, 2008


So recently Isaac has ended up with his own little family of rubber ducks. He calls them his "duckies." The first ducks to join our family were the blue and the green one. I bought them for the boys for Easter this year since they needed something to play with in the tub other than the shark and the killer whale that doesn't swim anymore. Andrew thought his was okay and played with it, but Isaac stuck with his and soon adopted Andrew's blue one as well.

The next duck to join the little family was the larger yellow one. We were shopping at D.I. when I found the duck for Isaac to play with since he was getting bored. He was attached immediately and I couldn't bear to part him with the duck so we paid the $.50 and took him home.

Than, while we were in Hawaii, Grandma found out about his duck family and how important they were to him. (Even now he's upset because he saw the picture of his duckies and he can't find one.) While at Thanksgiving point Grandma bought him the tiny yellow baby duckie. That same week she brought the black duck which has sunglasses, horns, a puka shell necklace, and the word AXE on his chest. Uncle Rich had this at home and she figured he'd want Isaac to have it. He's on a mission and so doesn't have much say in the matter. Anyway his flock quickly grew in one week. This last week he added one more prize duckie. Grandma bought him a key chain duckie about the size of the baby yellow one. It's not a rubber duckie, but rather it is electronic and brought a big smile to Isaac's face. You press a button on it's side and a LED in it's mouth lights up and it says "Qua-Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack."

At least two duckies accompany him to bed every night. I let him take a ducky on car trips and even let him take the quieter small duckie to church today. His flock is so large that when he tries to carry them all, one inevitably falls and when he reaches to pick it up another falls and so on until he gets upset. So now we have a duckie bucket for him to carry them all together. What a cute little family.


Karen said...

That's so funny! Hilarious! El and Nina obsess about stuffed animals some, but Isaac wins hands down. We have that cute little duck that "quacks" and lights up when you push the button. We also have the pig and the cow. They were used as bribes one day when I was trying to have a meeting out my house.

Gramps said...

Congratulations Isaac on your duckies. It's fun to have a collection of toys. I use to collect match box cars. After I was married I played with them.

Travis & Amber said...

We've seen more ducks at Target in the baby section (bath). It's a fun fetish to have!

mom said...

It's funny how I look for Ducks now. I looked in the Oriental Trader and they have over 100 different ducks!


Sarbear said...

I don't know if I want Isaac to have that many ducks.

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