Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day at Lagoon

Last Saturday our little family spent the day at Lagoon. For anyone who may not know, Lagoon is Utah's amusement park. As seen from the pictures the boys had a lot of fun. There were a lot of really cool kiddie rides and a lot of rides that we could go on with the boys. They had a kid type drop ride like at the Stratosphere Tower, I saw kids crying to get off on that one but my boys handled it okay. Isaac screamed for fun at first, and then got a little tense at the end. They loved the rides like this one where they could "drive."
Look at their faces on this one. They are loving it!Here is one ride that Andrew didn't want to go on but Isaac agreed to go. Anyone who has been on this type of ride knows that it can really drop your stomach and be intense if you're on the ends so that's why Isaac and Casey are in the middle.This is a close up of Isaac and Casey on the ride. Isaac has his head up here but the rest of the time his head was in Casey's lap.
Isaac and Andrew are both tall for their age and so they were both able to go on rides that normal 2 and 4 year-olds wouldn't qualify for. One ride Andrew was tall enough to go on with an adult was a ride called The Bat. KC was about to put Andrew on this one for his first ride, but I made them wait and go on some of the other rides to see what he could take. Andrew still wanted to go so they went. I guess Andrew really liked it because as soon as he got off he wanted to go again. This is the second time right before the ride started.
We also went on the haunted house type rides 2-3 times. I was surprised the boys weren't more freaked out from them. I saw a 9 year-old girl come out of one crying. Isaac only said at the end of the second time, "scarrry." At the end of the day we rode the rides that get you wet. There were 4 different rides, including one where you are on a raft going through a tube just like you would at a water park, but we were clothed. At the water rapids ride we all got soaked, but the boys loved it all. After Isaac fell asleep in his stroller we decided to head home, good thing because as we were heading out of the gates it started pouring rain. We were very glad we already had a full day of fun on a beautiful mild day and didn't have to quit early because of rain. We plan on doing this again next year, so let me know if you'd like to join us.


Marie Bindrup said...

How fun! I can't believe how big the boys are, especially Isaac! He looks just like a big boy. It is funny you guys went to an amusement park because RYan and I were just saying how we want to take the kids to Disneyland before the cruise. We will have to see how Ryan is recuperating after surgery.

Karen said...

Sounds like it was fun! My kids are more timid so I don't know how they would do, but if we are in the west next year maybe we can all go together! Either way, let's all go to the washington co. fair next August if we're around...

mom said...

Thanks Sarah, I enjoy your blog and the updates! Sounds like you had a good time. We'll have to go with you sometime. We can watch the boys while you go on a 'scarry' ride. LOVE MOM

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