Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Place and The Injury

So last week we packed up all of our junk, (Seriously, it seems like a lot of it is junk, but we took it with us anyways.) and moved farther north to a place to be kept secret from this blog. (I know you are reading bad blog stalkers.) Anyway with a lot, I mean a lot, of charity from old friends and new friends we were moved in fairly quickly.

One great blessing was that my parents volunteered to take the boys to their house while we moved. They were playing with grandparents and cousins for almost a whole week. They didn't really want to come back, but we made them. I'm mean like that. No, I guess I missed them too.

We are getting everything set up slowly and trying to cover windows with garbage bags so the neighbors won't see us in the shower and changing clothes. Not a good way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood I'm thinking. The boys are really enjoying it here. Andrew has already had a rousing game of 4-square with some neighborhood boys even though they were all 2-4 years older than him and he had never played the game before. He brought the bouncy ball so they let him play I guess. There are a lot of trails and playgrounds for us walk to as well.

Speaking of playgrounds, I now segue to The Injury. Last Tuesday I took the boys for the first time to one of the fun playgrounds. They were having fun on the spinning things when out of the blue, Isaac was on the ground screaming with his hand to his eye. I run up to him, pull back his hand and see a half an inch gash next to his right eye. My first thought was that he needed stitches. The next thought was to pick him up and take him to the house next to the park where I just saw a mom with two boys go in. The last thought was to not get blood all over myself. I ring the doorbell and introduced myself to my new neighbor by showing her my bloody son. She got some paper towels and once Isaac calmed down we were able to put a band aid on the wound since it stopped bleeding quite a bit. When we left to walk back home and go to the doctor, I said thank you to her as did Isaac which made her laugh.

So we went to the quick care place instead of an emergency room. Isaac fell asleep on the way there and stayed asleep until the doctor pulled the band aid off.They agreed Isaac needed stitches but they worried about his age and how it was close to his eye. They almost had me go all the way to Primary Children's Hospital so they could put him under to do the stitches. I decided that we would try it there. Poor Isaac. They couldn't do the topical anesthetic so they wrapped him up like a mummy and held his head still while they numbed the area with a needle. OUCH! He didn't like that one of course. I had to hold his body so he wouldn't squirm and make his head move. Once the doctor started doing the stitching he started calming down. By the 3rd stitch he was answering the doctor's questions about our cat Leo to distract him. After 5 stitches he was done. Once he picked out a sucker for himself and Andrew he was fine and chipper even. I told him to say thank you to the doctor which he did and which the doctor thought was humorous since he had just finished torturing the kid. He ran around and played the rest of the day even though both the doctor and nurse thought he would need to take another nap. What a trooper. He gets the stitches out in 3 more days, hopefully there won't be much of a scar.


Karen said...

Wow! What a bummer! I hope that he is doing better. Don't worry about scars, guys can get away with that kind of thing and still look "ruggedly handsome".

Marie Bindrup said...

We feel so bad for Icus! Mom and I were commenting on how much it must of hurt for the needle to anesthestize (spelling?) but we were also relieved that he was injured in your care, not ours! He seems to be feeling better so it looks in the picture. Well, talk to you soon!

mom said...

Hey! you'd better send those boys back here to grandma and grandpa so they can get loves. I had him a whole week and he only got sunburned, sore bottom, rash on legs and scratches on his face. BUt, NO stitches. LOVE MOM

Jami and Drey said...

i'm impressed!! i thought all my cousins threw up at the sight of blood! :)

Sarbear said...

Throw up at the sight of blood? Who does that?

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