Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby's Costume

As of yesterday Mystery Baby is not a mystery anymore. HE even had a costume for Halloween. Doesn't he look sort of freaky?
After 4 different checks for gender by the doctor we figured it out. One was a "does that look like a hamburger?", the other 3 were "That looks suspicious." My doctor tends to be vague, can you tell?. KC said, "More like a hot dog then, right." That's more specific. In the end we all agreed, boy #3 is on his way. We are keeping up a tradition as well, since KC grew up in a house of 3 boys as did his father.

There are other important things to check on the first ultrasound besides looking for boy or girl parts. There was the counting of the body parts, (Yup, 2 arms and 2 legs.) checking the head and spine, counting 4 chambers on the heart, and the measurements. I love the measurements part. That was when I first got an idea that Andrew and Isaac would be tall. Their femur measurements were always on the larger side. I worry for this baby though. His measurement was average. Fifty something percentile. Maybe he'll hit a growth spurt the next few months. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

P.S. - Name ideas anyone. I'm fresh out of boy names.


kelly said...

congrats! are you excited? a little disappointed? sorry, I definitely can't help you with names. I'm hoping I don't have to choose another boys name either because I am out of ideas!!

Sarbear said...

KC was sorta dissapointed because he seemed so convinced that it was a girl. We are excited now though.

mom said...

I love the costume. Its a great picture and I am excited for another grandson. I'll figure out a name I just love and one you'll pick out also. If not OK> LOVE MOM

Marie Bindrup said...

There are ton of cute boy names out there. Mom and I both like Quinn. Makayla was a boy the first part of the pregnancy so her name was Jaxon Carlson. What was Nathalie's maiden name? Do you want it to be traditional? Mom suggested Moroni. Do you want it to be a bible or B of M name? Mom said she was J/K about Moroni. Jacob, Joseph,? I like Russell mom likes Daniel. James. Do you think we have enough James'? We will keep thinking.

Brooke Bergin said...

Congrats are in order, Sarah! My three sons! Glad everything looked great and all the important parts were there.

Leigh Ann said...

CONGRATS!! I didn't know you were expecting!! So are we, actually! A girl!

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