Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween and Why I Now Hate November

So this Halloween Isaac must have really been into the spirit. No fake mummy bandages for him. He wanted it to be authentic so he bumped his head on the coffee table so he'd bleed and need a bandage until it stopped.
Actually it wasn't that bad, I didn't put the bandage on until later after it had already stopped bleeding once. A mummy would have been too "scawee" for him any way.

Both boys were really excited to finally get to wear their costumes and go trick or treating. Andrew had to be Tigger this year. I'm not sure why, but I think he thought if he had the costume he'd be able to bounce on the tail like Tigger does. He was a bit dissapointed that he couldn't really do it, but he still loved being Tigger. Don't call him Tigger though, he will say, "No, I'm Andrew." We asked Isaac a few months ago what he wanted to be and we got, Duckie. Big surprise there, although he hasn't been playing with the duckies as much lately. He refused to try on the costume until the time came, but he always said the the costume was, "Aww, cute." We just loved the tail of the duckling costume, it waddled when he walked. Too funny. I think he'll hate us in 10 years for this. Most of my pictures came out blurry, but here are a couple okay ones. ( I hate my camera now, anyone want to dontate one that is newer than 4 1/2 years old?) This is the first house they visited, see the tail?This is on our porch. The pumpkin on the left was painted by Isaac and the one on the right by Andrew. The other side of Andrew's pumpkin had an "ahhhh, scawee" face.

So October was great. Weather was nice and we had fun. November hasn't been fun yet. I don't like November anymore, well at least the beginning of it. Why? Daylight Savings ends. It used to be so cool, fall back. Yes! Another hour to sleep in! Until I had kids who have amazingly accurate internal clocks, who demand cereal first thing. I bet most moms agree. Get rid of it all together. Why mess with our delicate sleep schedules? I used to not like Spring forward, now with kids I can use that time to have a week where they sleep an hour later, YES! But I'd happily give that up to keep it simple. Maybe I can convince KC to move one more time to Arizona? Hey there's one reason to vote for McCain, he's from a smart state.

Here's one last picture, Isaac really likes the suckers.

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DeAnn said...

funny blog Sarah, the kids look really cute!

Your dad would totally agree with you on daylight savings!


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