Thursday, November 13, 2008

Camera Fun

After complaining enough to KC about our camera we started looking at different models and prices. We gravitated towards the SLR-like digital camera group. They aren't true SLRs since you can't fully remove the lens and they are smaller than an SLR but bigger than a typical point and shoot. The reason I like this class is that they tend to have powerful zooms, larger LCD screens, SLR features like hot shoes and the option of getting lens add-ons.

We settled on the Canon S5 IS after reading reviews checking picture and video samples and finding one on sale at Walmart for 50-100 dollars less than anywhere else. It has a flash hot shoe, you can add a wide angle or a telephoto lens to it and a 12x zoom. It has all the point and shoot features plus advanced camera features and a cool super macro feature.

The one thing we love is that the video quality is comparable to camcorder quality. I can even zoom while recording! The great thing for me is that the video is recorded on a memory card so I can just drag and drop the video onto my computer. EASY!

This was supposed to be a Christmas present for me from KC but since it was on sale and it was the last one we had to get it soon. I couldn't see any reason to let it sit in a box while we had family over for Thanksgiving, so we broke it in yesterday.

KC had the idea, after playing with the features of the camera for a while, to make a movie with the boys using their toys. He thought it would be fun to reenact a scene from The Incredibles. I imagined he and the boys would sort of record a play by following the sound and moving the toys around. Boy was I wrong. He went all movie guy on me and started composing shots and scenes to go exactly with the sound of the clip. The boys got bored after a while, but still watched what we were doing. After they went to bed we loaded the video onto the computer and edited it with Windows Moviemaker. So here's the family spoof on the opening scene of The Incredibles.

The IncrediToys

(if the video doesn't work let me know in the comments, it was working fine for me at first but won't play now.)


Jami and Drey said...

wow sara, you guys really need to get out! hahaha!

Sarbear said...

Yeah probably do. But it only took about an hour to shoot it and an hour and half to edit it. :-)

wileywoman said...

O.k., that was way better than I was expecting it to me. But then, I forgot all about KC's films he made in high school. We are jealous we won't be able to be there for Thanksgiving this year. Maybe next!

Marie Bindrup said...

Ok. I just about peed my pants!!! HOw fun is that! I was hoping that the boys would be in the video, but that is hilarious! Alia was cracking up the whole time- I have never seen her so excited over the computer before. Dean was confused- he didn't know why Batman was on the incredible's movie. We had fun!

Sarbear said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The boys still ask to watch it multiple times a day. Andrew wants to do the rest of the Incredibles movie now. KC is trying to convince him that we can make movies other ways.

DeAnn said...

Hey, I just watched it again for the third time. You should post it on U-tube. It is a kick! LOVE MOM

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