Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Conversation

Andrew: "Where does Santa Live?"

Daddy: "The North Pole."

Andrew: "Does he make little boys?"

Daddy: "No, he makes toys for little boys. But do you remember? Mommy has a baby brother in her tummy."

Andrew: "OH YEAH!"

Daddy: "What should we name your little brother?"

Andrew: "I already named him. His name is Whitey House."

Daddy: "Do you like that name? What about William or Ethan?"

Andrew: "No, I don't like those names, but I do like Happy Yoshi."


kelly said...

How funny! I think you should go with Whitey House.
We were thinking about Will for a boy, too:)

DeAnn said...

I love talking to
ANDREW! What a quick mind. LOVE MOM

wileywoman said...

Ha! I love what 4-year-olds say. He's getting way too smart for you guys...:).

The Quarnbergs said...

I love the names that little kids come up with! I don't think that i knew you were pregnant, none the less that you are that far along that you know what you are having! When are you due?

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