Sunday, April 4, 2010

Screen Free Week

Beginning this week, on Monday April 5th, our family is going to attempt to institute our first SCREEN FREE WEEK. If any of you have kids like mine they are often either on the computer or watching TV or playing a video game. If any of you are like me you are often on the computer, checking email, blogs, and Hulu. Heck, even my baby watches Baby Einstein.

Typically this isn't a problem but sometimes I find that me and my boys become too attached to our screens. Case in point my boys earlier were fighting because on was watching something on the computer and the other was on the TV. The problem was that they each kept on turning their show up louder because "they couldn't hear."

So we are going to have a week of screen detox for the family. KC can only partially participate because of his job, but told him that he can't do any extracurricular screen stuff while working. There it is KC, you now have to follow it, ha!

So I'm going to print off my SCREEN FREE WEEK signs and tape them on each screen. Why don't you join me? Click the sign for a larger version and print it off.

Assuming we don't strangle each other by the end of it we are going to do this the first week of every month. Wish us luck!

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We are doing the same thing over at

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