Saturday, April 10, 2010

Screen Free Week Results

After the boys helped me do some Saturday morning chores and after we had some lunch I declared Screen Free Week to be over. It is now almost 3 hours later and they are finally using a screen. I would say that this week was fairly successful.

My purpose in torturing myself this week was to help the boys get more used to finding entertaining activities to do without resorting to the computer, TV shows, or video games. This last week I heard "Mommy, I'm bored" plenty of times but soon they got used to playing with toys, making up games, and playing board games. Here are a few highlights for the week:
  • Andrew and Isaac learned how the play the card game War and love it.
  • They played, Sorry, Mouse Trap, Chutes and Ladders and Memory.
  • They spontaneously read books in their room.
  • Andrew took a book down to the basement and joined his Daddy who was studying
  • The boys spontaneously cleaned up their toys once.
  • Isaac willingly helped me vacuum and do the dishes.
  • I was entertained with puppet shows for nearly an hour.
  • They both willingly let me cut their hair. Isaac actually said " I want a haircut."
  • KC got more studying done than usual since he wasn't tempted to watch TV in the evening.
  • I read 3 books. (probably didn't help with the productivity)
So in the future I think we will do this again. Maybe not once a month, but as needed.

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