Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Pink Cake for Isaac

Isaac has finally turned 4. Now when people assume he's 4 almost 5 at least they will be right that he is 4 years old instead of 3. He had a friend party last year so this year it was just family. We went swimming at the community indoor pool. The boys just finished swimming lessons so they were excited to be able to play there as much as they wanted. We then picked up some pizza for the birthday dinner then had cake and ice cream.

A word about the cake. KC wanted to hang out a little with Isaac on his special day so they went to the store together to pick out a toy and his cake. Originally Isaac had been saying he wanted a chocolate cake with blue frosting, but they came home with a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Isaac really loves strawberries so I guess he couldn't resist it. I didn't think much about it until later when I realized this kid who is very much boy was going to have a pink cake. Oh well it tasted great.


Marie Bindrup said...

I can't believe he is four already! I think it is great he had a pink cake. Lately Dean has been saying that pink is a cool color. His Grandpa came to lunch yesterday wearing a pink shirt and a pink tie that he wore to court, so that just validated his passion for pink.

Happy Birthday Isaac! We hope you had a great day!

DeAnn said...

You can tell he loves that cake. Looks delicious to me!

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