Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twilight Zone

I wonder how the rest of today is going to be. It sure started out odd. It was 7:50 am I was still in bed asleep even though the sun was up. The house was oddly quiet. KC had gotten up to work an hour before and was in his office. The garbage truck woke me. I needed to get the trash bins to the street today they were really full. After rushing through the quiet house and donning shoes and a jacket, I went out into the bright, cool morning and lugged the bins to the street. Mission accomplished.

Once back inside I thought, "Almost 8, Will must be awake." Now Will is an interesting baby, for the last few months when he wakes up in his crib he doesn't cry. He doesn't make noise. He just sits there and plays with the blankets and stuffed animals. I could leave him there for an hour and he'd not cry, not that I've done that, no way. Maybe after two hours he'd make some noise and cry. I haven't fully tested this one. Anyway I couldn't hear him but that didn't mean he wasn't awake. He's always awake by now and usually I have no idea how long he has been.

I go upstairs and look in on the older boys. Still sleeping, even though Isaac was up at 6:30 with a leaky pull-up, but he wanted to go back to bed so I didn't argue. Fully expecting a happy baby smile when I opened Will's door, instead I see a baby still zonked out sleeping on his belly. I'm not one to wake up babies unless necessary so I quietly shut the door and went back downstairs not sure what to do with myself because it was almost 8 am and I wasn't getting bottles or bowls of cereal and refereeing requests for the TV.

So I decided to blog. The magic of course only lasts for 5 minutes before Isaac came down then Andrew but it was there. As KC said though, by Saturday they'll be back to their usual thing of waking up at 6:30 and making plenty of rukus.

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Brooke said...

How funny. There have been a few mornings like that where I've been up and ready with no kids to care for yet. It is really weird. Luke does the same thing as Will. Actually--all three of my kids have done that, where they wake up and quietly play with whatever's in their crib. It's SOOOOO nice. But then you wonder when the heck they actually woke up.

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