Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is that a Backpack or a Leash?

So I am very, very tempted to get one of these for Isaac. We were at the park the other day having a nice picnic with friends. He kept running off despite my best efforts to keep him in view. Tired of chasing him I took to watching him play near the fence of the tennis courts at a distance. He's a smart one though and once he figured he was far enough he just started to book it outta there. I had to book it after him myself cause he was headed straight for the little road that cars use to get into the park. After crossing the road safely he then ran straight at an elderly man and grabbed his legs as if he wanted him to save him from his Mom. Later he ran off in the other directing again.. running straight for the same elderly man and hugging his legs. The man may have wondered if Isaac was asking to be saved from his restrictive mother.

Isaac is always looking for a way to run away. One day the boys were in the backyard playing. I let them play out there alone because it is tightly fenced. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there was my neighbor from across the street with a little boy that looked a lot like my kid. The gate had been left open. Another time we were doing some yard work and the gate was open for about 1 minute before he sneaked out and went to another neighbors house and started pounding on their door.

So a leash.. I mean cute monkey backpack with a long tail and a handle at the end could be a great help in keeping him in line while we are out in public. Is this demeaning?

UPDATE: So I picked up the monkey backpack leash at the store. The boys thought it was a great toy. Isaac wore it around the house for the first day. Last night we were able to use it for the first time outside of the house. It worked pretty well. When he'd run off while I was holding the tail he'd basically pull on it until he fell to the ground, not very graceful. But it kept him near me. Later he wanted it off because he realized I was keeping him from getting into everything. It's not a perfect solution, but at least when I turn my back he can't run off.


Karen said...

At first it sounds like a crazy idea, but then you think about if for about 2 milliseconds and realize "Hey, this is NICE". My friend is getting one for her 2 year old. She really likes the one you have pictured here with the animal "back pack" and the tail as a handle. If I ever decide to go to an unfamiliar public place w/out James (in this scenario I have all the girls, of course) then I am going to get one for Nins. She hasn't made any visits to the neighbors yet but she doesn't listen to me nearly as well as El did at the same age.

Gramps said...

We had a son who liked to walk off as well, even into his teen years we'd lose him. Our grand daughter use a back pack on their 3 year old boy, similar to your picture, when they were at Disneyland this spring. You do what you have to do to keep them safe and you sane.

mom said...

So, Sar, do we get to use the 'lease' when we watch the boys next week? MOM

mom said...

Woops, sorry about spelling 'leash' MOM

Sarbear said...

Mom - Yeah, we'll pack it with his stuff so you can use it when you go out. It looks pretty cute on him. I think I get some looks when I'm holding on to the tail, but who cares? At least my kid isn't running away from me.

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