Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Worse!

Before it was just his pants and sometimes his shirt. Now it is the diaper too and he's not very consistent about it either. His desire to remove his pants and diaper are quite random. It makes it worse because I get used to him being good and not taking them off then, SURPRISE! The diaper is off or almost off, as the case was today. I found him in the process of taking a POOPY diaper off while SITTING on the COUCH. That was fun. Earlier this week he took it off while sitting on a carpeted step. I didn't know he had done it until he came to me and showed me his poopy hand. Nice. It was smeared on the step.

I went to get him out of his crib today from his nap. No pants, no diaper. Luckily it was just wet. You might think he was ready to be potty trained. But he's not. I think he's scared of sitting on the toilet. He likes to flush it and pretend to wipe, but when I tried to have him sit in the Blue's Clues potty seat he started yelling and squirming.

The only solution I've been able to think of is putting pants on him that he has a hard time pulling off. Do you other mommies or past mommies have any other suggestions?


Gramps said...

Sarah we have a granddaughter in New York who is very good about blogging and posting informative things. She also has a blog for teaching lessons for her children.
Her name is Laura Anne Buchanan.
Her email is
Her favorite number is 11, and she loves elephants. I've emailed her and gave her your blog site. Hope things work out and you get some help. Each child is different and requires specific training.
Dick and Cenia Parsons, Orem UT

Travis & Amber said...

overalls work great! We turned our little boy around on the potty-so he's facing the back-it was a little less frightening for him and he could see in, and felt more secure. Good luck-we're thankfully never had a "poop-smearer"

kelly said...

I know Tannie has to put onesies on Ella during the day (or bathing suits, but obviously not a solution for boys!) and zip-up PJs at night with a safety pin through the zipper. just a thought, although I guess that's harder now that it's almost summer.... good luck!

Sarbear said...

Thanks for the advice. Keeping tighter pants on him helps a bit, but he only has a couple pair that he has difficulty pulling off. When he took off his diaper yesterday morning, he at least was in the bathroom when he peed on the floor. Maybe he figured that's the room it should happen in. Or maybe I just got lucky.

Sarbear said...

Overalls could work. Thanks Amber.

Isaac is in 2t/3t clothes, do they even sell onesies that size?

Karen said...

duct tape? When it comes down to poop on the carpet I would use any means necessary to keep those diapers on. I also heard that you can buy onesie extenders that allow for more length (not width, unfortunately) if you can't find the larger size. I feel bad for you, but mostly I just laughed through that whole blog. Things like that are only funny to those who've gone through it before...

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