Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pacifier Gone

Well Isaac is off the pacifier during both day and night. I decided that since he is now 2 years old he shouldn't have it anymore, especially since it was fast becoming his best friend, even when he didn't have it during the day. He has always been a easy child when it comes to going to sleep. This is mostly thanks to the pacifier.

The night I took it away I didn't know what to expect. He asked for it at least 5 times. "Fire?" he'd say. I told him that I couldn't find it, it was lost, it went bye-bye. I guess he accepted my answers eventually. So now at bedtime sans pacifier I give him a bit of milk in his crib and luckily he doesn't protest much. He's been sleeping better at night as well, since he's not waking up needing help to look for his "fire." It has been nice, so pacifier problem solved.


Karen said...

Yea! Better sleep and not much crying, a win-win situation. I am glad it went so smoothly for you.

Travis & Amber said...

Hey Sarah-It's Amber (Haddock) from Vegas. Your mom forwarded your blog address to me-would you mind if I read it? here's my email Will you pass it to marie as well? Thanks

Sarbear said...

Amber, My mom emailed me your blog as well. Cute family. I'll send Marie your email address although he doesn't have access to a computer very often. Thanks for visiting my blog, you're welcome to read.

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