Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Flies

If you asked me when I made my last post I would have said it was a couple of weeks ago. Wow, time flies! I guess I've been busy with... life. We actually started work on the boy's bedroom on Memorial Day. We picked up the paint and covered the top half of the walls with dark blue and put in the chair rail. This last week I've been making the curtains and trying organize their stuff. Man, they have a lot of stuff.

Yesterday and today I got to work on making the bookcases for under the windows and designed and built some shelves for their closet to help organize and make the area more useful. I hope to finish painting them tomorrow and hopefully put them in the room on Thursday. Once that's all organized I get to start the fun stuff and make the big tree and paint stars on the wall. KC is a little anxious about me painting on the beautiful blue walls but I think the boys will love it.

In the meantime, bedtime has been fun with all three of them together. Will just thinks it's the most awesome thing to go to bed now, because to him, it is silly time. The other boys think it's way funny, so I have to go up multiple times to threaten loss of privileges if they don't shape up and show Will how you are "supposed" to act at bedtime.

Once I get the shelves up I'll take some pictures. I promise.

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Brooke said...

Hang in there--it should get better with all three in one room!

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