Monday, November 19, 2007

Barber Shop Open

Today the Family Barber Shop was open for business. It's a modest establishment located in our downstairs bathroom/laundry room. The first customer of the day was young Isaac (pictured right). He was starting to look like a little hobo so he got a bit of a trim with emphasis on the back and sides. Daddy helped by keeping the little customer from grabbing the scissors and moving too much. We keep his hair longer because he looks so darn cute with it long.

Since the next customer, Andrew, fell asleep while waiting, Daddy came next. I have had a lot of experience cutting Daddy's hair and he's usually pretty happy with the results. After getting over a nap, Andrew came next. He was a unhappy little boy at first since he decided he'd rather watch Little Einsteins. His hair is actually more difficult than it looks since half of his hair likes to go straight out of his head and the other half hugs it. When he was little he was described as being "naturally cool" since he had a natural mohawk (pictured left at 10 months old). It's not that bad now but it still sticks up a bit around the crown.

After cleanup the Family Barber Shop closed down and won't be open again for at least another month. It's not a bad part-time job but there isn't much money in it. I do get tips in the form of kisses and hugs though.

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Karen said...

I think you are brave to cut small children's hair. I'll only do James'. I guess I'm lucky that Nins doesn't haven't any hair to speak of!

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