Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloweeny Time

Well the long awaited Halloween has arrived and is gone. The boys, Andrew and Isaac had a lot of fun trick 'o treating in the neighborhood. We didn't go to all the houses, we actually skipped most, and I used the double stroller to make trick 'o treating with two little kids easier. It was also great weather for the activity, unlike last year.

Andrew insisted that he should be a snowman. When I asked Andrew what Isaac should be he first suggested a "hole". I'm not sure how one could be a "hole" but maybe Andrew has an idea. Mommy was to be a Ghost and daddy was to be a "bush" both according to Andrew. Neither of us actually dressed up, which Andrew didn't really seem to notice. Isaac ended up being a pumpkin. I was planning on making both of their costumes, but I luckily found a homemade pumpkin costume at Savers that was similar to what I was thinking and better. For Andrew I had some white fabric, batting, and felt already. It was fairly easy to make. So basically I only had to purchase some sweats for them to wear underneath. It certainly took a lot less time than last years costumes which took me a month to sew.

So here they are... Andrew as "Snowman"

And Isaac as "Pumpkin Boy"

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